lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2014

Flappy Hillary: Elections 2016 for Android

It's amazing to see all the Flappy varieties you can find on Google Play, the last one we saw might be the strangest yet, Flappy Hillary: Elections 2016.

Instead of cloned Mario pipes, it has columns, and Hillary's head is huge, but it somehow works even better than the original, because it's easier to play and they put Executive Orders you can grab that give you twice the points when you cross a column and also makes you invulnerable for one hit, so you can flap your merry way without worrying so much.


Also unlike most clones, this one has Online Leaderboards and Achievements, which give you more reasons to keep playing if you're competitive.

If you haven't gotten sick of Flappy games already, try Flappy Hillary, it might give you a few hours of entertainment with Hillary's huge flapping head.

Flappy Hillary Google Play Link
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